Innocent 無邪

格式: 電視影集
副格式: 劇情片, 有腳本
類型: 成長, 男同志, 愛情
製作階段: 製作中
原產國家: Taiwan
拍攝國家: Taiwan
影片發音語言: Chinese
專案負責人資訊: Maxine Hsieh 謝羽筑
其他資料: Download 1



I love you not because of who you are, but because of who l can be in front of you.


Due to childhood trauma, Yu-shi developed a second personality, Noah, who is reticent, unemotional, and Yu-shi’s protector. That is, until they meet Wu-Zheng, who Yu-shi has feelings for but Noah does not trust. For Yu-shi, the man is like a lifeline. Wu-Zheng, on the other hand, struggles to reconcile with his own male chauvinistic values as he juggles between his feelings for Yu-shi and past ties with a former date ━ Shou-jie. Will he manage to break conventions and face who he truly is?


★The first BL series in Taiwan created by a "fujoshi" director. ★The pilot short film is the most viewed on the GagaOOLala Shorts section in 2020.

影片 & 圖片集


Maxine Hsieh 謝羽筑

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Te Chung Chang 張得中
Bo Zhan Zheng 蟻大點