Fragrance of the First Flower (Season 2)

格式: 网络影集
副格式: 剧情片, 无脚本
类型: 女同志, 爱情
制作阶段: 前制期
原产国家: Taiwan
拍摄国家: Taiwan
影片发音语言: Chinese
项目负责人信息: /




Yi-Ming left her ex-husband to start a new life with Ting-Ting. Having little experience with girls’ love, Yi-Ming shows her care for Ting-Ting in an awkward but lovely way. Yi-Ming joins Ting-Ting’s friends’ party, where she meets Nong, who helps them find an apartment and becomes their neighbor. As Yi-Ming feels delighted to make a new friend, it turns out Nong is Ting-Ting’s ex-girlfriend and used to be hostile to Yi-Ming. Through Nong’s flashback, we see Ting-Ting never let go of Yi-Ming, resulting in many difficulties in her previous relationships.


The first season was: ★ Best International TV Shows of 2021 selected by Variety! (Link) ★ Top trending series on Douban (China's IMDb) for 4 consecutive weeks with a 9.2 score! ★ IMDB 9.0 score! ★ Most watched lesbian title in GagaOOLala's history! ★ Over 19 million impressions on GagaOOLala official social media.

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ZaiZai Lin
Lyan Chen