GOL STUDIOS is the home for LGBT film projects and creators.

More and more LGBT films are being released every year, reaching new audiences and markets. Queer cinema has secured its place into the mainstream, with many titles becoming global blockbusters and gaining international recognition in film festivals and award ceremonies. This change has also been noticeable in Asia: while not long time ago queer titles were nonexistent or unavailable for local audiences, now, LGBT characters have reached the screens, big and small, from theaters to mobile devices. Now, we want to move on to the next step, give a final push.

After successfully organizing the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival for several editions and having launched GagaOOLala, the first LGBT film streaming platform in Asia, we understand queer cinema, its differences and uniqueness. GOL STUDIOS is born with the objective of giving support to new LGBT film projects in all stages of production, from funding to marketing. Through an international network of film professionals, we want to create a crowdsourcing platform with one goal in mind: to give more visibility and support to queer cinema, creators and professionals.

GOL STUDIOS advocates for international collaboration: a film can be conceived anywhere, find local and foreign funding and resources in our platform and, then, be distributed to a worldwide audience. This is the idea of community we embrace and promote. GOL STUDIOS is a hub for great ideas and projects but it is the community, its strength and passion, that puts these ideas into motion.

There are a lot of exciting stories out there waiting to be told. Be a part of them.

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